This is the entries for the Red Earth Saga Role playing game. Currently I will be taking most of the character mechanics from Burning Wheel, Burning Empire, Jihad. I will be looking at other systems for space combat, and possibly if I find something else that might better fit general combat, but still work with the Burning System.

The Red Earth Saga spans a very long time period. There are things in the far future and also the far past. Players over time will be able to play out the main campain Modules that I have put out. Also since I will also be setting deminsional information, others will be able modify these modules to fit their own group.

For some reason, In trying to write the short story, I dont like to start from the beginning. Time isnt a straight line anyways. 

Now when I say Modules. Im not talking about a small scenario for a group of people to play in. This will be a time frame module, in which I will have a key time period peice to play in. This will also have a lot of hooks to play with. The characters should also be able to play what ever they want, and still feel like they are small, or large part of the overall story.

While the character will be playing a character for this scenario. They will play other character for other scenarios. No one lives forever. The following scenarios will jump around in time as well. This will effect key, or mundain things in scenarios to come.

One of the key things that I want to make clear, is while this is a large story, I will make ample opprotunities for the characters to do their grandious plots or ideas. They can take part in as much or as little of the story as they want. Another big thing, is that other key NPC will do their cool things, but will not over shadow, or join their party to be a utility fix all.

This game is for the players to participate in a universe thats plots and story dont stop with just their characters. While in RES, there is a main story arc, the sub plots and personal plots are going to be a large part to the game. They can and will infact change future plots, including the main plot. One thing I did not want to do, is leave the main plot unchanglable. This could leave the players feeling "why bother?" if they cant change the plot, then why do this at all. Plus if the main plot cant change, that would just be a form of railroading.

I just hope that future players and GMs will enjoy this as much as I have.

Red Earth Saga